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Bath Bomb Collection

Our Bath Bombs are made of natural ingredients. We infuse Essential Oils into our Bath Bombs leaving the skin moisturized and smooth. They DO NOT stain your tub. 

*Better Than Yoga - Lavender & Peppermint essential oil infused into coconut oil  & epsom salt + topped with dried lavender. This Bath Bomb helps with stress, headache, muscle pain & swelling reduction and even detoxifies your skin thanks to the Epsom salt. 

*Fresh & Smooth - Oatmeal & local honey infused into coconut oil & sea salt. Helps maintain a normal pH, clean the skin and provides relief from skin irritations. Rich in Vitamin A,B,C, & D thanks to the powder milk.

*Let it Glow - Rose essential oil infused into coconut oil, powder milk, Sea Salt & Himalayan salt + topped with rose petals. This one is a Skin toner, keeps your skin hydrated and smoother. 

*Drop it & Relax - Green tea & Chamomile essential oils infused into coconut oil, Epsom and Sea salt + topped with marigold & chamomile buds. Rich in antioxidants, detoxifies the skin, stress relief, reduce muscle spasms, promotes sleep and treats insomnia.