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Bath Bombs The Set

Now you can have then all 4 at once. 

Our Bath Bombs are made of natural ingredients. We infuse Essential Oils into our Bath Bombs leaving the skin moisturized and smooth. They DO NOT stain your tub.

*Better Than Yoga - Lavender & Peppermint essential oil infused into coconut oil & epsom salt + topped with dried lavender. This Bath Bomb helps with stress, headache, muscle pain & swelling reduction and even detoxifies your skin thanks to the Epsom salt.

*Fresh & Smooth - Oatmeal & local honey infused into coconut oil & sea salt. Helps maintain a normal pH, clean the skin and provides relief from skin irritations. Rich in Vitamin A,B,C, & D thanks to the powder milk.

*Let it Glow - Rose essential oil infused into coconut oil, powder milk, Sea Salt & Himalayan salt + topped with rose petals. This one is a Skin toner, keeps your skin hydrated and smoother.

*Drop it & Relax - Green tea & Chamomile essential oils infused into coconut oil, Epsom and Sea salt + topped with marigold & chamomile buds. Rich in antioxidants, detoxifies the skin, stress relief, reduce muscle spasms, promotes sleep and treats insomnia.